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16 of the Best artworks from Art14 London

I was very excited to see Art 14 and had great expectations that this one will top last year’s fair. I enjoyed last year’s exhibition and with the number of international galleries exhibiting, it  helped piqued my interest again in Asian art which I didn’t have a lot of access to – living in London and Europe for almost 13 years.  Thank God for this kind of art fair, I am able to see galleries that I normally won’t be able to see here in London. 

This year, Art14 seems to be going on the same momentum with a lot of varied art works from all over the world. There are some   that I’ve recently seen at the London Art Fair a few weeks ago and a few other artists and artworks that were already featured last year. Kind of disappointed with that but I don’t undermine that these are interesting artworks. Nonetheless, I’m glad I went because I have discovered artists that I haven’t known before or haven’t known as painters.

One of my favourite pieces was a painting from Gao Xingjian, the Nobel Prize laureate for Literature who won for his novel Soul Mountain (which I’ve read before I moved to Europe) who is actually a celebrated Paris-based painter. Gao uses Chinese ink to paint on canvasses with the technique of Chinese ink painting. The result of which is really a meditative piece. Zhao Zhao, former assistant of Ai Weiwei, blew my mind with Waterfall, a mixed media installation of an imperial throne, awashed with red wax dripping like blood. Another favourite of mine is Liu Wei’s male portrait which almost feels like a handwork of Lucien Freud, reborn with a new contemporary Asian mind-set. 

For those who weren’t able to go to see Art14, here are some of my favourites:

1. Bkikash Bhatta CharjeeBikash Bhatta Charjee*
*Untitled, 1991

Dry pastel and oil on pastel sheet

2. Khalil ChisteeKhalil Chishtee 
It’s all plastic, 2012
Trash bags, plastic wire
ArtChowk (Karachi, Pakistan)

6. Zakaria RamhaniZakaria Ramhani *
Faces of your other 39, 2010
Acrylic on canvas*

7. Halim Al-karimHalim Al-Karim
Eternal Love 19, 2010
*Photograph Lambda Paint

9. Santiago Villanueva 
Santiago Villanueva
Series Soft Therapy
polysterene, fiberglass, laquer and stainless steel tube
Diana Lowenstein gallery

10. Ai Weiwei_Sven DrahlAi Weiwei scales
Sven Drahl/SDVS
Alexandre Ochs gallery

11. Gao XingjianGao Xingjian
Nostalgie 2007
China ink on canvass
Gallery Frank Pages

13, Jonathan LeamanJonathan Leaman
New Year 1989-90
oil on canvass
Beaux arts London

15. Angela GiajcarAngela Giajcar
2009-092 Terforation VII
300g paper, torn using metal and plastic *
Andipa Gallery*

16. Wanda BernardinoWanda Bernardino *
oil on canvass
bo.lee Gallery *

17Romuald Hazoume 
Rat Singer: Second only to God
mixed media
October gallery

18. June Bum ParkJunebum Park
Puzzle 3-05 2009
Single Channel HD
Hanmi Gallery

19. Eku NugrohoEku Nugroho (Indonesia)
Let me thinking of you, 2012
fiber resin figure, painted with acrylic, vinyl sheets and synthetic polyester

20.Liu WeiLiu Wei
Portrait Male, 2011
oil on canvas with frame
Lin and Lin gallery

21. Zhao ZhaoZhao Zhao
Mixed media
Alexandre Ochs Gallery
Berlin, Germany

North Korea, Pyongyang 2012
ink on wooden panels
Lazandes gallery