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27 of my Favourite Artworks from the @Art13 London Fair

Art 13 – the new contemporary art fair that graced London this week was a success: Artinfo reports the positive sales incurred during the show and it signals a bright future for this art newcomer. For me, despite not seeing the presence of major London galleries here, what I really enjoyed most was discovering foreign galleries and seeing Oriental artists take centre stage (if they haven’t been basking in the Art limelight already).

The great thing about these (South east) Asian artists is their new found confidence and their boldness in merging both tradition and Western ideals in their artwork. It’s not anything new of course – a lot of artists explore their history to create a new language in their work. But personally, (and possibly with a lot of bias), I am drawn to the ingenuity and the new energy that these artists bring.

The Boat – a monumental rice paper sculpture by Chinese artist Zhu Jhinsi was, in my opinion, the most audacious piece of art in the fair. But aside from the stunning artworks from these Oriental artists, overall Art 13 is truly Europe’s global art fair. With more than 129 art galleries from 29 countries, it might be too much to take in. (How do critics do it?) –  my small self can only pick a few favourites.

Here’s my Top 27

* 1. Zhu Jinshi*
Gallery: Pearl Jam Galleries
China/Singapore HK

zhu jinshi1

2. Zilvinas Kempinas
(b.1969 Lithuania)
Title: Fountain 2011
Gallery: Saatchi Gallery
fan, magnetic tape, metail ring

fountain 2011_zilvinas kempinas

3. Szilard Cseke
(b. 1967, Hungary)
Title: Deep Look, 2012
Medium: Tyres, polystyrene balls, electric fans, fluorescent tube, electric control, iron, wood

Deep Look_Szilard Cseke1

Deep Look_Szilard Cseke2

4.  Nathan Slate Joseph
Title: Time for Peace II, 2004
Gallery: Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Medium: Pure pigment on steel

Time for Peace II<em>Nathan Slate Joseph</em>2

5. Hiroshu Senju
Title: Waterfall, 2012
Medium: Natural pigments on Japanese mulberry paper

Waterfall 2012_Hiroshu Senju

6. Peter Newman
London, St Mary Axe, 2012
Gallery: Fine Art Society Contemporary
Medium: Stainless steel, transparency, LED lightbox

London St Mary Axe_Peter Newman

7. Bernard Cohen
Study I, 2008
Gallery: Flower Gallery
Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Study I_Bernard Cohen

8.  Grayson Perry
Map of the Truths and Beliefs
Gallery: Paragon
Medium: Tapestry, ed. of 12

Map of Truths and Beliefs_Grayson Perry

9. Chai Jeong-Hwa
Breathing Flower
Gallery: Gana Art – South Korea
Medium: Variable size, Fabric, LED Lights, motor

Breathing Flower_Chai Jeong-Hwa

10. Yi Hwan-Kwon
Summer (ed. 2/5)
Gallery: Gana Art – South Korea
Medium: handpainted on F.R.P., mixed material

Summer_Yi Hwan-Kwon

11. Yi Hwan-Kwon
Jae Min (ed. 5/5)
Gallery: Gana Art-South Korea
Medium: Hand-painted on F.R.P.

Jae Min_Yi Hwan-Kwon

12. Lee Kyoung Mi
Le Sablon Bruxelles on the Table
Gallery: Cais Gallery – Hongkong/South Korea
Medium: oil on constructed birch

Le Sablon<em>Lee Kyoung Mi</em>1
13. Choi, Xoang
Gallery: Cais Gallery (Hongkong/South Korea)
Medium: Oil on Resin

Puppeteer_Choi Xoang

14. Lee Jaehyo
Various works
Gallery: Albermarle Gallery

Albermale Gallery_Lee Jaehyo
15. Sam Havad Toy
Lenin 2011
Gallery: Kalman Maklary Fine Arts
Medium: Acrylic paint on fiberglass

Lenin_Sam Havad Toy

16. Sam Havad Toy
Untitled, 2008
Gallery: Kalman Maklary Fine Arts

Untitled_Sam Havad Toy
17.  Shi, Sang-Ho
Wrapping Future City 2010
Gallery: Lee Hwaik Gallery
Medium: Glazed Ceramic

Wrapping Future City_ Shin Sang Ho

18-19. Chen Guangwu / Young-Jae Lee
Ink, Earth and Fire
Medium: Calligraphy and Ceramics

Ink Earth and Fire<em>Chen Guanwu</em>Young Jae Lee
20. Wang Shugang
Listening I 2011/Man Playing with Birds/Man Playing with Ball
Gallery: Alexander Olus Galleries
Medium: Bronze

various works_Wang Shugang

21. Kambiz Sabn
White Dive, 2012
Gallery: Artspace Dubai/London
Medium: Fiberglass Ed 3

White Dive_Kambiz Sabn

22. Zhu Jinshi
Gallery: Pearl Lam G
Medium: rice paper

boat_Zhu Jhinshi

23. Mu Boyan
Gallery: Aye Gallery China
Medium: Color on resin + Color on Bronze

Worm_Mu Boyan

24. Nyoman Masrindi
God Like 2013
Gallery: Gajah Gallery
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

God Like_Nyoman Masrindi1
25. Rimuald Hazoune
Petrol Cargo

Petrol Cargo_Romuald Haoune
26. Huang Xu
Fragment no. 2, 2007
Gallery: October Gallery
Medium: chromophotograph

Fragment no 2_Huang Xu

27.  Ei Anatsui
Balkan 2012
Gallery: October Gallery
Medium: Aluminum and copper wire

Balkan_Ei Anatsui

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