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Hi, I am Tuesday. Welcome to my art blog!

Two years ago, I had the privilege to work with the best art practitioners in the country for the London 2012 Festival – the largest UK-wide  festival ever staged. As the digital manager for the culture team, we were able to deliver more than 12,000 events attended by more than 20 million people around the UK in celebration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Watch the highlights of the Festival at TheSpace

crervrv Streb dancers performing one of their circus acts last year as part of the London 2012 Festival. Watch Surprises: STREB Turn

About the blog

I’ve created Momardi as a way of educating myself about the arts and creative sector. Through this blog, I want to promote artists I like and also feature the latest art exhibitions around London and occasionally some international exhibits.

Self-portrait done at Wong Chiu Tat’s Kiosk Version Installation at Saatchi Gallery  2012

More on the digital me et.al

I am an all-around digital professional with years of experience in content creation, content strategy and social media. View my curriculum at LinkedIn

Contact me

If you are an art institution or a creative artist and would like to be featured, email me at tuesdaygutz@gmail.com. I am also doing consultancy work and if you want to me to take a look at the digital and content strategy of your institution, feel free to drop me a line.


All views expressed are my own and not those of the companies I work for.