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Highlights from Masterpiece London 2014

[caption]Gian Domenico Cerrini (1609-1681), A Vanitas: Time Revealing Truth[/caption]

Masterpiece London 2014 was a unique experience for a first-time visitor like me. Happened weeks ago but still very vivid as it featured all kinds of flashy and interesting artefacts and everything you can imagine – from fine arts, applied arts, decorative arts, jewels, watches even high-end vehicles! In some way, it was like walking through history but with a bit more of a upscale shopping mall experience. From Greek pottery, Roman mosaics, Renaissance paintings, collector items such as Da Vinci’s signed books up to modern-day jewellery pieces, it’s all breathtaking and all pretty, except that Masterpiece is really for those who have money to spare to add to their collection.

Despite this great shortcoming from my end, that didn’t really stop me from hunting down some art pieces that I haven’t seen before. Here they are: (sorry I didn’t take pictures of the vehicles!)

*1. Andy Warhol *
Dollar Sign
Leila Gallery

Andy Warhol_Dollar

2. Auguste Rodin
Jean Paul Laurents
Univers du Bronze

Auguste Rodin_Bust

3. Gian Domenico Cerrini (1609-1681)
A Vanitas: Time Revealing Truth
John Mitchell Fine Paints

Cerrini_A Vanitas

4. Pablo Picasso
La Suite Vollard
Etchings 1930-1937
100 impressions, 15 signed by the artist
Provenance: Ambroise Vollard

Picasso_La Suite Vollard

5. Wassily Kandinsky
Kleine Flacken (small planes) 1936

Kandinsky_small planes

Shapero Rare Books

Jewellery editor: Jewellery and watches at Masterpiece London 2014