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The Best of London Art Fair 2014: 32 Artworks

According to their newsletter which I received on my mail this week, over 30,000 people have visited the London Art Fair 2014. A good number of galleries are also saying that they’ve had fantastic sales on all price points. Great news all in all and a really great start for the art industry in this new year.

This all sounds very exciting as it reflects the mass appeal now of the art market, but of course as you know, I am not a collector yet and all I wanted to do in this fair was to see good art. I was really looking forward to see emerging artists –  yes there were plenty but having them all alongside some of the great masters such as the unique exhibition of British Modernism from The Hepworth Wakefield and a few sprinkled here and there in some gallery stands, I can’t help but be pulled in to see works from* Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and of the recently deceased Sir Anthony Caro* and found myself really biased. I’ve spent more time looking at the prints of Henri Gaudier-Brezska and of Eduardo Chillida, and less of the younger and perhaps more flamboyant ones. I do like contemporary art and I would like nothing more to discover young and new artists, but in that moment, *I found some solace and hope that what I was looking at was great art. *

There must be a reason why Modern Art has been performing well and attracting collectors and art enthusiasts. In fact, The Economist has mentioned that last year’s art sales was mostly from the 20th  or 21th century. Personally, I enjoyed the London Art Fair very much, not for the contemporary art, though I’ve got a few favourites below. If it weren’t for the museum partnership with The Hepworth gallery – who aren’t really selling – I would not have enjoyed it as much, but that’s only me and is a matter of personal preference. It doesn’t really matter anyway.  I won’t be able to collect art in any which way, young or old.  In art fairs, the opinion of those buying art matters. So I better shut up. 

In any case, here are my favourites: 

Hepworth Wakefield

1. Eduardo Paolozzi, 1929-2005
White Plaster Relief, 1975
painted plaster and wood

1. Eduardo Paolozzi_White Plaster Relief

2. Kenneth Armitage, 1916-2003
SeatedWoman with Square Head

2. Kenneth Armitage_Seated Woman with Square

3. Kenneth Armitage, 1916-2003
Figure Lying on its side

3. Kenneth Armitage_Figure Lying on its Side

4. Bryan Wynter, 1915-1975
High Country, 1956

4.  Bryan Wynter_High Country

5. Sir Anthony Caro (1924-2013)
Table Place CLXIX, 1973-74

5. Sir Anthony Caro_Table Place

6.William Crazer, 1930-2011
Essex Landscape, 1959

6. William Craser_Essex Landscape2

7.  Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, 1924-2005
Head (self-portrait)

7. Eduardo Paolozzi_Head Self portrait2

8. William Turnbull, 1922-2012

8. William Turnbull_Untitled

9. Barbara Hepworth, 1903-1975
Kneeling Figure, 1932

9. Barbara Hepworth_Kneeling Figure

10. Ben Nicholson, 1984-1902
Piquet, 1933
oil on gesso

10. Ben Nicholson_Piquet

11. Henry Moore, 1898-1986
Five Metal Forms, 1937
crayon and chalk on paper

11. Henry Moore_Five Metal Forms

12. Henry Moore, 1898-1986
Pitboys at Pithead, 1942
(Pencil, pen and ink)
wax coloured crayon and watercolour wash on paper

12. Henry Moore_Pitboys at Pithead

Main London Art Fair 2014

1. Jin Young 
Union Gallery

LAR<em>1. Jin Young</em>YU

2. Keith Coventry
Bancroft Estate, 1907
oil on canvas, wood, gesso and glaze
Vigo Gallery

LAR<em>2. Keith Coventry</em>Bancroft Estate

3. Wycliffe Stutchbury
Sheffield Park, 2013
Bug Oak

LAR_3. Wycliffe Stutchbury

4. Alan Davie b1920
Snake Dream, Feb 1983
oil on canvas
Anthony Hepworth Gallery

LAR<em>4. Alan Davie</em>Snake Dream

5. John Forrester 1922-2002
Sigena with Red
oil, sand and grit on canvas
Paesnel Gallery

LAR<em>5. John Forrester</em>Sigena with Red

6. Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, 1891-1915
Rotten Row, circa 1913
pen and ink
Browse and Durby gallery

LAR<em>6. Henri Gaudier-Brzeska</em>Rotten Row

7. Reg Butler
St. Catherine 1959
Goodman Fine Art

LAR<em>7.Reg Butler</em>St Catherine

8. Reg Butler
Head Looking Up, 1952
Goodman Fine Art

LAR<em>8. Reg Butler</em>Head Looking Up

9. Henry Moore
Animal Head, 1956
Goodman Fine Art
LAR<em>9. Henry Moore</em>Animal Head

10. Barbara Hepworth
Oval with Two Forms, 1971
Jenna Burlingham Fine Art

LAR<em>10. Barbara Hepworth</em>Oval with Two Forms

11. Terry Frost, 1915-2003
Title, unknown
watercolour on paper

LAR_11. Terry Frost

12. David Bomberg, 1890-1957
Barge and Canal Bank
signed 1921
gauche on paper
13. David Bomberg
St Paul’s
signed 44
charcoal on paper
Waterhouse and Dodd Gallery

LAR<em>13 & 14 David Bomberg</em>St Pauls_Bargee and Canal Bank

14. Maria Colonne, 1951
Portland Gallery

LAR<em>14. Maria Colonne</em>Portland

15. Sir Anthony Caro
Basket Table Bronze, 1989-90
cast bronze
Annely Judia Fine Art

LAR<em>15. Sir Anthony Caro</em>Basket Table Bronze

16. Gro Thorsen, 1966
‘Gallery Studies’
oil on aluminum
series of 105
Jill George Gallery

LAR<em>16. Gro Thorsen</em>Gallery Studies

17. Bruce Mclean, 1944
Garden Blue, 2012
Monoprint with collage
Jill George Gallery

LAR<em>17. Bruce Mclean</em>Garden-Blue

18. Alison Lambert, 1957
‘Magnus’, 2013
charcoal and pastel on paper
Jill George Gallery

LAR<em>18. Alison Lambert</em>Magnus

19. Kelly Ratchford b. 1963
‘Be Not Afraid’, 2013
acrylic and charcoal on matchboxes
set of 25

LAR<em>19. Kelly Ratchford</em>Be Not Afraid

20. Eduardo Chillida
Adam gallery

LAR_20. Eduardo Chillida 
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