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The Earth Moves: Momardi´s Baby Steps

*Osama Bin Laden *is dead. The Americans can now, atleast temporarily, heave a sigh of relief and I am doing some form of cheering myself. The  holidays had been good, a moto trip around **Bournemouth, Poole and Swanage and while I´ve been battered by the wind during the trip, I am feeling sunny about starting an internship this week at Phaidon Press with the digital marketing team.

Also before the holidays, I was asked to work as a runner for a film shoot for the Royal Opera House and met world-renowned opera singer Angela Gheorghiu and she was more than spectacular.  I had to sit down by her side to play her a clip from Madame Butterfly which she had to lip-sync to for the shoot.  She sometimes couldn´t help but burst into singing in between takes.

I got to experience how a British production team work and I must say, the Britons like to take things in stride. They are so calm and well-mannered - but I do miss the pandemonium of Filipino productions and the food!

The production team with Director Tom Turner

*World-renowned opera singer Angela Gheorghiu *

Some other good news: Gagosian gallery did not reply to my email request for publicity photos for Philip Taaffe´s exhibit but Mr. Raymond Foye who represents the administrative side of Mr Taaffe. Mr Foye had been most kind to send me all the photos. Ximena Garrido-Lecca, the artist who refashioned nichos as still-life images in The Followers, has agreed to an e-mail interview. I´ve sent her the list of questions and hopefully will be receiving them within the week.  I´ve also scored press passes for the *Tate exhibition on Joan Miro. * Another gallery from Paris has contacted me and would like to be featured in the blog. So there you go, the wheels are starting to roll and I feel the earth is starting to move.

Watch Angela Gheorgiu sing Un bel di vedramo from Madame Butterfly.