Rise Art: Interview with David Smith

Rise Art: Interview with David Smith
4 July 2012

Rise Art is an online gallery that rides on online community and social engagement to help people discover art at affordable prices. People need to sign up as members to get exclusive deals and access to private deals plus a blog where members can contribute articles. I haven't signed up yet but thought that it's about time to have something like Rise Art touch on getting affordable art to this Facebook generation. After all, if social media dictates and reflects what the public wants, then why not include art as the last piece of the puzzle? I've browsed through some of the artwork featured are really of high calibre.

Luckily, I interviewed David Smith from Rise Art. They have just launched their first official partnership with Bloomsbury Art Fair from 4 to 8 July. I sent him a few questions to know more about this collaboration.


1. Tell me more about Rise Art and how did end up with this venture?

We started Rise Art as a way to help people discover great art they love. Collecting art shouldn't be limited to the wealthy and well-connected. Rise Art is a trusted guide for anyone interested in owning great art. Simply come to Rise Art and take our free art-style quiz. Our art world insiders will put together a collection of work based on your unique taste in art, and when you find something you love, you can buy art online or rent it in your home taking advantage of our risk-free approach to owning art.

2. What type of artists do you feature in Rise art – how do you choose your artists?

We feature all types of artists, from rising independent artists to established artists that are in the news. Our community as well as art insiders help us select the artists that we feature on the site. We also work with Galleries and Museums to list works from their collection to our members. Any artist can submit their work to rise art for consideration and build a channel and community on the platform to showcase their work completely free of charge.


3. Do you think artists are sticking it out here in London or fleeing somewhere else to do their art?

I think there is a mixture of both. Some artists really benefit from the collaborative opportunities and the density of art-related organizations that are based in the capital. I think the capital is a really great place for those artists at the earlier stages of their careers to be based. For more established artists, I think there is a drift from London, and you can see that now is where most of the YBAs in the 90s are now based.

4. How did your collaboration with the Bloomsbury art fair come about?

The Bloomsbury Art Fair is a different type of fair. It is fun, accessible, and brings together a very diverse selection of galleries and artists. We wanted to support it, because as a non-profit, they are supporting some great causes as well, including Motivation and the Southern Spinal Injuries Trust. We wanted to support their cause, and make the work sold at the fair available to a wider audience online

5. What can we expect from Rise Art in the future?

We have some great collaborations coming up with Museums, Galleries and Top Artists around the world. We are working with organizations to release original works by artists from Peter Blake to Banksy online while making them accessible. With our new risk-free art rentals model, you'll be able to rent a Takashi Murakami for under £100 a month and try it in your home before you buy it.

About Rise Art:

Rise Art is the creative new way to discover and own original art from the top galleries, museums and artists worldwide. Let Rise Art be your guide to discovering great art. Simply take our free art personality quiz (www.riseart.com/quiz), and receive a personalized collection of art picks from our art insiders (www.riseart.com/curator) based on your unique taste in art. When you find something you love, purchase it or rent it through Rise Art and take advantage of our risk-free approach to owning art. Learn more by visiting: www.riseart.com/how-it-works

About Bloomsbury Art Fair:

Now in its second year, The Bloomsbury Art Fair is London's pre-eminent summer art fair. Taking place in the leafy neighbourhood of London's trendy Lamb's Conduit Street, the fair features top galleries and artists alongside art auctions, talks, music and other activities in an al-fresco environment. The Fair runs July 4-8.