Israeli Art Takes Centre Stage in Freedom of Expression: True Colours

Exhibits Sep 07, 2011

Artrustee, an art consultancy company based in Tel Aviv, has invited me to review an exhibit of Israeli Art at the Gallery Soho last week. With more than 17 of the most prominent artists from Tel Aviv, the four-day exhibit confirms how exciting Tel Aviv’s contemporary art scene is fast becoming. In Freedom of Expression: True Colours, the artists explore themes of identity, territory and sexual liberation with a particular focus on gay and lesbian issues.

Some of the artists that participated in the exhibit were: Raphael “Rafi” Perez, Dan Reisner,Ronit Yanizki, Ammon David Ar, Sichi Gilad, Uri Gershuni, Maya Kapelushnik, Howard Fox and so much more. Please read the article here and tell me what you think =)

Dan Reisner’s bronze sculptures


Tuesday Gutierrez

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