(My Top Ten Picks) Kinetica Art Fair: The Future of Art and Technology

Exhibits Mar 01, 2013

The more our lives become intertwined with technology, the more the Kinetica Art Fair becomes a relevant platform for ambitious tech-related type of art. Now on its fifth year, Kinetica Art Fair is bustling with energy and possibilities. The great thing about the Kinetic Art Fair is that it looks to the future and yes, its future is oh so bright.  I predict that in a few years to come, it will become a much more important exhibition and would garner more funding from not just new media outfits but also from top art ponchos.

A convergence of kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and multi-disciplinary new media art, Kinetica Art Fair brings artworks from more than 35 galleries and some of the artists featured are with international pedigree. It’s not surprising that this is not a curated art fair.  Art is for all and so is technology although I am sure that if it is curated better, it can be a formidable force in the arts world. But for now, here in the Kinetica Art Fair, there is a sense of collaborative spirit all happening between artists, designers, architects and new media students so much so that it seems like they are breeding this into their own playground.

Interactivity is in the heart of the Kinetica Art Fair: from a typewriter that beats drum sounds into bottles to a large-scale sculptural zoetrope, there are unexpected things in this exhibition that can take your breath away.

1. A sculptural dream-world

Gregory Barsamian at Kinetica Art Fair 2013. A modernisation of the Zoetrope, inspired by Carl Jung

2. 3d but 2d

The Trulife™ Hologram reproduces the same light wave which reflected off the original object. Created by Colour Holographic

3. Tech Ocean

The Mechanical Ocean Wave Simulator, Ciboure 2013 by Matthieu Schönholzer. One of the pioneers of 3d-FX computer graphics industry, this is Matthieu’s foray into the world of interactive sculpture*

4. Fibre optic figure

seated child_roselin de thelin
Seated Child (Columba) by Roseline de Thelin. Roselin used fibre optics to create light points to create an illusion of a seated figure

5. Type some sounds

xiaofei dyson
A typewriter that drums bottles by Xiaofei Dyson – an interactive installation that invites young and adults to play

6. Flipping books

mechanical flipbook_wendy marvel
Mechanical Flipbook – created by Wendy Marvel and Mark Rosen. Made from Hand Machined parts from Bronze, Aluminum, Steel and 50’s era Aircraft Chassis Boxes

7. Keyboard beauty

alexander berchert
Alexander Berchert creates this artwork combining his fascination for mass-produced objects and physics

8. Breathing H20

breathe_ben tyers
Breathe by Ben Tyers. A water container that emulates the act of breathing

9. Fishing line but not for fish

08015_david ogle
08015 by David Ogle – made from fluorescent fishing line and ultraviolet light. David explores the notions of materiality, of permanence and the visual perceptions of object in space

10. Tech fingers

bailey bots_marko kryut
Bailey Bots by Marko Kryut – two moving robotic hands exploring the origins of matter

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